Research Finds Several Electronic Cigarette Health Risks

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People who think that electronic cigarette health risks are minimal are wrong, because it has nicotine, which is one of the primary chemicals that cause lung cancer. Though it may not look like an ordinary cigarette, it has all the harmful chemicals that are just enough to lead you to your grave. To know more about electronic cigarette health risks, it is important to know the basic functioning of these types of cigarettes.


What are electronic cigarette health risks?

electronic cigarette health risks

Basically, an electronic cigarette is a cylindrical tube(the battery) with a filter attached to it. It also has a glowing tip which is usually red in color. The basic difference of an electronic cigarette from conventional cigarettes lies in its contents. Instead of tobacco, it has liquid nicotine in it. When the smoker blows on the pipe, the battery charge inside it reacts with the nicotine content and gives out nicotine vapor. However, electronic cigarette health risks are equally hazardous that of ordinary tobacco cigarettes, as they are also directly blown into the lungs.


Though electronic cigarettes are often considered as an alternative for usual cigarettes, the increasing concerns about electronic cigarette health risks have resulted in an aversion towards them. This has also landed the manufacturers in several controversies. Even though they say that it is a safe substitute for tobacco, they are yet to provide any reply for the people’s questions regarding their side effects.


Recently, the US Food and Administration Department or FDA produced a warning against electronic cigarettes and issued a notice regarding different electronic cigarette health risks. Laboratory analysis proved that there are in fact several harmful substances in it that could cause serious health concerns. For this, samples of two cartridges from two leading manufacturers were used. The result showed the presence of toxic substances including diethylene glycol, carcinogens, nitrosamines and propylene glycol. Already several states in US are pushing for a ban of these smokeless cigarettes.


Research proves electronic cigarette health risks

electronic cigarette

The chief reason that propels people’s fear about electronic cigarette health risks is the extremely minimal testing that is done regarding its health effects on humans. This puts a lot of questions regarding the safe cig electronic cigarette. In United States, these cigarettes are available in almost all shopping malls. Their huge popularity is a result of its ability to help people quit tobacco smoking. But the question that still remains to be answered is, has the e-cigarette manufacturers substituted a dangerous substance with another dangerous one? Is there any solution for the numerous electronic cigarette health risks which the FDA found out recently?


Several researchers in the medical field studied the allegations against e-cigarettes. What they found was serious dangers and irresponsibility from the side of manufacturers. There were several flaws in the design which includes lack of any proper labeling regarding the contents of the cigarette. Also quality and health effects were also compromised during their manufacturing. People who did this research concluded that electronic cigarette health risks are many and there are many potential side effects that can sometimes even cause cancer.


The toxic substances present in e-cigarettes are sometimes even compared to poisonous carbon monoxide gas. Unlike conventional cigarettes, these custom cigarettes burn nicotine along with several other substances present inside a cartridge. However, when compared to ordinary ones, electronic cigarettes don’t give out thousands of toxic chemicals. This was one of the primary reasons for people to know more about them. How does the electronic cigarette work was inside the mind of everyone. Sadly nothing is still known about the additional contents inside. This has raised many eyebrows about the e cigs and their use.


Most people who convert to e-cigarettes are the ones who want to quit smoking tobacco. They know there are harmful chemicals in it. Even though e-cigarettes take away the physical sensation which an ordinary cigarette gives, people who are desperate to quit tobacco resort to e-cigarettes. Also e-cigarettes come with the flashy banners and ads saying njoy electronic cigarettes. However, most of these people also have no idea about the contents of electronic cigarettes. There are no studies that have proven that electronic cigarette health risks are a myth.


Electronic cigarette reviews might say that e-cigarettes are cool. But never fall into such traps. There are several inherent electronic cigarette health risks that will come out in the imminent future. Any product that is designed for the public must have no flaws. It must have a perfect design, plus it must be accurate. Electronic cigarettes have not confined themselves to such standards.


Electronic cigarette health risks are wide and varied

smokeless cigarette

A research conducted by the health officials said that there are no proper warning notes on these smokeless cigarette covers. Also, there are no specific details about its contents. They also found that the cartridges inside the cigarettes leak and easily enters into the mouth of the smoker. This is one of the several severe electronic cigarette health risks. This is not only dangerous for the person who smokes, but are also dangerous for kids, pets and the environment as a whole.


Another significant discovery regarding electronic cigarette health risks is the disposal of these accessories. There aren’t any proper methods to get rid of these things. The nicotine inside the cartridges can be damaging to plants and environment. The manufacturing, marketing and sales of electronic cigarettes are loose. So it is quite hard to track down the people behind their manufacture.


There are several awareness programs regarding electronic cigarette health risks. However, there are no such campaigns that make people more aware about electronic cigarette contents that are equally harmful and can cause several serious electronic cigarette health risks. The vapors that come out of the electronic cigarette pipes itself are toxic. Heating nicotine can be dangerous and people don’t know with what other substances it is reacting.


When electronic cigarettes were introduced, they came up with the promise that it is a safe mode of smoking. They even provided people with a starter kit to test these cigarettes. However, studies have proven that they are no better than ordinary cigarettes, but are equally bad and can cause several electronic cigarette health risks.

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